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Train your remote team to be more productive than in-person

Best practices, tips, and tools for your team to unleash the best version of their remote selves.

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The enemy of progress is not fear. It's inertia.

Even the best leadership teams can get bogged down in organizational molasses where decisions happen slowly and progress grinds to a halt.

Getting things back on track can be really f*cking hard.

And it’s even harder when your team is working from home 2 or 3 days a week and on Friday when everyone is supposed to come into the office, only half of the team shows up.

You know the feeling when a small task you thought would take your team a couple days somehow takes 2 weeks.

Or when Teams/Slack seems pretty quiet most of the time and you wonder what everyone is up to.

Everyone is complaining about having too many meetings on the sidebar chat during the team all-hands, but when you take meetings away, new ones pop up to replace them.

The whole team keeps saying how busy they are. But you can’t help but wonder if everyone is really working because the business isn’t moving at the speed you expect.

So what do you do about all this?

Well, it starts with understanding the root cause of these problems.

We help you solve them.

Remote Productivity Training

Remote Productivity Training


Train your remote team to be more productive than in-person