Grow Cashflow.
Multiply Your Equity Value.

We build & implement financial strategies, controls, and infrastructure that make your business more valuable. Like hiring a co-founder who cares about the business just as much as you.

Multi-industry expertise across 100+ clients
Core services

We are in the business of selling profits at a discount. Here's how.

Our wicked smart & uncommonly good-looking team works with your leadership team to create and implement financial management systems that generate more free cash flow from your business every month. As business owners, operating executives, and founders ourselves, we understand what it takes to generate serious returns within your business.

Finance Consulting

Unsure how to grow your business? Hire us to work with you and your leadership team to solve your most difficult business challenges.


Cash feel tight when payroll runs? Running into cashflow problems? Have trouble with budgeting? We build & run robust financial systems that alleviate these issues.


Hire us as your part time 'special forces' finance leadership to fix chaotic and messy finance operations. Available as strategic advisors, or hands-on building inside the business.


From business valuation to APA negotiation, we help maximize the value of your equity. On the buy-side, we handle due diligence and value creation strategy.


What our clients  say about us

“We did everything you recommended and now we are on track for 6x revenue vs. before we met you. We've been turning away leads.”

Cost cutting & growth strategy project for a niche services business in the German market. Results included shutting down unprofitable non-core businesses, right-sizing cost structure, and identifying specific growth drivers.

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Founder & CEO
Professional Services Business

"We got the deal done. Thank you so much for everything."

Sell-side M&A advisory in a distressed asset fire sale. Guided the owner through to a successful exit, and subsequent debt restructuring.

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Founder & CEO
Professional Services Business

“Working with Orchestration is one of the best things that happened to my business this year.”

Operations restructuring, GTM strategy re-launch, and business management systems.

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Founder & CEO
Professional Services Business

“Thank you truly for adding value so quickly.”

Buy-side M&A advisory project with rapid due diligence on a promising investment.

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Principal Investor
Marketplace Acquisition

“A ton of management experience. Highly recommend!”

Reviewed, refined, and re-built a capacity management planning tool to track internal capacity for a remote team to inform hiring needs & client load capacity as a function of margins.

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Founder & CEO
Service Company

“A joy to work with and I'm grateful for being able to work with Orchestration.”

We worked with this business owner to strategize, plan, and launch a new service offering to his existing customer base, with a 100% goal attainment rate on this project.

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Founder & CEO
SaaS Company

"Orchestration is great! I can't wait to work with them in the future.”

Provided insights & review of a sell-side advisory product designed to help business owners maximize their exit valuation.

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Co-Founder & Principal
M&A Advisory Botique
Our Consulting Process

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To create strategies that actually get results, we look at 44 key elements across four main areas of your business:

1. Team Leverage
2. Operational Excellence
3. Growth Strategy
4. Financial Strength

Team Leverage

Operational Excellence

Growth Strategy

Financial Strength

the orchestration advantage

We connect long-term thinking with day-to-day action

Element Methodology

Core 16 element operational framework for operational excellence.

Remote Knowledge Graph

Proprietary knowledge graph structuring remote company operations best practices.

Three Statement Operating Pro Forma Model

Core financial model incorporating a standard 3 statement model with cashflow projections, debt waterfall, team construction schedules, revenue & pipeline waterfalls, scenario planning, and spot cash checks to monitor working capital.

Comprehensive Team Assessment Series

Built on our proprietary knowledge graph & over 500 expert man-hours.

Guaranteed Results

We stand firmly behind all the work we do. Our client happiness rate is 100% and we intended to keep it that way forever.

Our Story

About Us

The story of our founder, Orchestration, and our greater mission to accelerate the shift to remote work.

Meet Andrew

Having launched 4 startups (2 exits), and advised over 100 executive teams on growth strategy, Andrew has worked with companies of all sizes from day one startups to multinational publicly listed enterprises with thousands of employees. All remote.

10 Years Remote
100+ Clients
Operator Experience
Investor Mindset

What's Our Story?

After selling his previous business, our founder Andrew Ishimaru realized that we are on the verge of one of the biggest shifts in the history of corporate organization: The death of the office. However, the world needs to be changed to make this model the norm.

We are here to accelerate this shift by building and operationalizing management systems & operations infrastructure for the next generation of corporations, and helping businesses to raise profit margins & multiply equity values by transforming from traditional in-person, to hybrid, to fully remote.

This is one of the biggest societal shifts we've seen in recent history. We believe that that this shift is on the scale of 100's of billions of USD in transformational value to the economy.

However, in order to unlock this value, big changes must be made to our infrastructure and lifestyles.

Thus our goal is simple: accelerate the shift to remote work as the dominant operating model of the world and create billions of dollars of value along the way.

Software solutions

Modern Software Expertise

Orchestration is a Certified Partner of certain software platforms, and expert implementation service provider in others.

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