Our Services

Solutions for remote, distributed, hybrid, and traditional in-office teams.

Management Consulting

Leverage our team's expertise for business strategy, M&A support, and overall operational improvement in how your business runs. Always with an eye to the P&L.

Remote Team

Equip your managers & employees with highly actionable strategies & tactics for operating in a remote or work-from-home environment in your business day-to-day.

High Leverage
Value Creation

Create serious value in your organization with our transformational protocols designed to expand margins and grow net profits (EBITDA).


Orchestration is a Certified Partner & solution expert for many modern software platforms that the world's best businesses run on. Build your tech stack right.

Management Consulting

Remote Transformation

Guided transformation to eliminate your office without losing productivity or efficiency.

Revenue Ops & Growth

Strategy & management support to leverage a remote team to market and sell products & services.

Operational Excellence

Development of high-throughput, modern business operations. From scratch, or refining existing infrastructure/systems.

Process Improvement

Refinement of efficiency within your organization for processes with remote oversight or delivery.

M&A / Due Diligence

Expert buy-side insights to uncover levers for value creation / multiple expansion and get the most out of due diligence .

OpEx Cost Reduction

Reduce your fixed operating costs by improving efficiency, shifting fixed cost centers to variable, and lowering cost of delivery/service.

Business Strategy

We help you solve difficult challenges in your business operations, remote work practices, and growth.

Team Training

Creating Strong
Remote Culture

Management training on building a remote culture that attracts & retains talent while maximizing performance.

Remote Productivity Practices

We've been working remotely for almost a decade in the most difficult environments around the world. This workshop brings those lessons & best practices to your team.


Communication is critical to remote work. Upskill your team's remote communication standards, and your management policies, with this comms workshop.

Closing Deals

How to optimize your remote sales process to improve close rates, speed up time to close, and ultimately run a better sales playbook to close remote deals.

Remote Success Habits

Give your team the tools & tactics needed to thrive in remote roles at your company. Excellent training for new hires or struggling employees.


High Output WFH 

Boost your team's work from home productivity with this 6 month intensive transformation.


Net Profit Improvement Protocol

Unlock margin expansion & accelerate growth with this powerful strategic transformation.

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Platforms & Software

Modern Solution Expertise

Orchestration is a Certified Partner of certain software platforms, and expert implementation service provider in others.