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Our mission is to accelerate the global shift to remote work

We aim to do this by working with business owners & leadership teams at companies around the world to build new strategies and operations infrastructure to create value from this massive opportunity.


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Speed is How We Win

Lead with Data

Protect the Downside Risk

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Be Excellent. "Good Enough" Has No Place Here

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Pain Leads to Growth. Embrace It.

Take Ownership,
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Failure Is Not An Option


Play Nice,
But Win

The Orchestration Origin Story

Remote work is not only here to stay.

It’s a better way for companies to operate.

After selling his previous business, our founder Andrew Ishimaru realized that we are on the verge of one of the biggest shifts in the history of corporate organization.

The death of the office.

He had just spent the last 9 years working remotely, in which time he built multiple successful businesses, hired people around the world, and worked with dozens of executive teams from day one startups to multibillion dollar international brands.

All without an office.

So naturally, he started asking questions like…Why pay for expensive office space when employees would rather work remotely anyway?

Why constrain your hiring locally when there’s a competitively priced global talent pool at your fingertips?

How can we use the remote organization model as a more profitable foundation than the in-person office model?

Where did offices come from anyway, and why do we have them?Turns out, the majority of people don’t actually have a good reason for going into the office.People started saying things like:“Creativity happens better in person”

“Remote works for some companies, but not for us”

“People won’t get work done at home. I need my employees in the office.”

“Work from home was interesting but now we want to go back to normal”Complete nonsense.

The truth is, the “office” as we know it is outdated and on its way out as a relic of history. Offices originated from the “counting houses” hundreds of years ago to keep track of business finances, which were literally written on paper and then copied by hand by bookkeepers and clerks.

After the industrial revolution and the rise of the modern corporation as an endeavor of first dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of people, the office evolved as a way to communicate, coordinate, and create/copy/store records. Again, because paper records needed to be written and worked with by hand and it took days or weeks to send paper documents through the mail.

Offices historically have been terrible places to work. They only existed out of necessity for the technical limitations of the era in communication and handling business data. It’s only in recent times, with the advent of the internet, laptops, and global connectivity that we’ve broken free from these limitations and unlocked a new way to work: remotely.There are two primary beliefs that we see as the limiting factors for organizations upgrading to a fully remote model.1. Owners & executives believe that remote businesses do not perform as well as in-person or hybrid businesses.

2. Employees want the option to go into an office, but not the requirement so they can pick and choose when they feel like working in an office space.

In reality, all 1 billion knowledge workers around the world can work remotely and be just as productive, if not more productive, than in an office.

Remember when society collapsed during the covid pandemic because it was impossible to work from home?

Yeah, we don’t remember that either. Seems like everything functioned just fine.

When employees are just as productive at home, the office is a perk of employment and not a necessity. It simply doesn’t make sense to put that expense on the P&L. It is here, at the intersection of these two misguided beliefs, that Orchestration was born. Remote work, works.

However, the world needs to be changed to make this model the norm.

We are here to accelerate this shift by building and operationalizing management systems & infrastructure for the next generation of corporations, and helping to convert businesses across the spectrum from in-person, to hybrid, to fully remote.

This is one of the biggest societal shifts we've seen in recent history.

We believe that that this shift is on the scale of 100's of billions of USD in transformational value to the economy.

However, in order to unlock this value, big changes must be made to our infrastructure and lifestyles.

Thus our goal is simple: accelerate the shift to remote work and unlock billions of dollars of value in the process.

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